Have fat accumulation without sagging

Have fat accumulation without sagging associated, can be eliminated with liposuction in areas such as the inner part of the thighs, hips and the region of breeches.
On the face, in the case of those who lose weight too with pregnancy, can make an increase of its volume with man-fat products

See the following page: The most recommended methods
Venus Factor homepage

Recommended treatments:
Lymphatic Drainage
Massage manual favoring decongesting the lymphatic vessel technique that triggers the process of draining and modeling layers of fat.
Vascular Laser
Treatment of small varicose veins by laser

Application of a radio wave that tightens tissues, uplifting-skin and fat models
Meson therapy
microinjections or application of electromagnetic waves to stimulate microcirculation and lymphatic drainage infiltration carbon dioxide subcutaneously to stimulate the metabolism of tissues and act on fibroblasts and fat cells.


Note: Most of the treatments should be made only after the period of breastfeeding Some studies indicate that it may lead to enlargement of the liver, liver stenos and increased blood glucose levels and insulin resistance, “warns


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