Muscle toning and fat loss

According to Duarte Galva, personal trainer, “after a vaginal delivery is advised rested for 15 days and then is gradually introducing gymnastics.
A cesarean section should wait about a month. You need to allow the body to recover from the experience we had in bone and muscle level. ”

Thereafter, it is recommended 60 minute sessions two to three times per week.
Type’s mode
At this stage, there are activities that are contraindicated. Duarte Galvão exemplifies: “There should be run soon after delivery, especially if this was a cesarean.

Are to avoid activities with much impact, such as the step or classes with large and dynamic jumps, and especially exercises that involve a lot of force to the chest due to an accumulation of lactic acid (which influences the quality of milk and causes muscle pain) ‘.

Alternatively, it suggests the body balance, palates (important for the muscles of the pelvic and abdominal wall), crunches, stretching, yoga and tai-chi
Swimming and water aerobics are also good choices’ to be made into pools with hot water, which promotes blood circulation and muscle work, “he explains.

Skin Recovery
In addition to muscle toning, skin care is important, target cellulite, stretch marks and sagging.
There are effective treatments such as radiofrequency, carboxyl therapy or laser therapy.


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