Weight loss after pregnancy

According to Miguel Trenches, dermatologist, these are ‘non-invasive techniques that help improve the texture and elasticity of the skin. “

“The radio is the transition of radio waves in the subcutaneous tissue which helps decrease fat tissue, increasing the production of collagen, elastic fibers and glycoprotein’s molecules dermis, responsible for firmness, elasticity and hydration of the skin, improving its texture and luminosity, “he stresses.
John Barban Review

During pregnancy, there is also a tendency for the development of new blood vessels that originate “spider veins” (capillary anima) and small “leakage” of venous origin, scattered throughout the body and particularly in the lower limbs.

 Treatment will depend on the tone and caliber of vessels and can be done using laser, chemical sclerosis or, in larger vessels, require a surgical approach.


The role of plastic surgery
The stretching of tissues, particularly of the abdomen and breast, leads many women to resort to plastic surgery.

Surgical intervention in the breast region must be taken after the period of breastfeeding, so the body has time to stabilize, particularly in the weight level, and so there is no interference in the production of milk.

If, for example, has Martins, plastic surgeon, “the Breast prove empty and with a moderate fall, is possible through a breast augmentation raise it without leaving a scar.”
In the abdomen, he adds, ‘to treat sagging, resort to tummy: is removed excess skin and fat and reconstituted muscle wall.
If the grooves are limited to the lower part of the navel are also removed.


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