Avoid injuries with exercises

Avoid injuries with exercises
In the gym, at work or at home itself, the important thing is to practice
Avoid injuries with exercises
Professionals who spend hours in cramped conditions of movement, standing for long periods and applying repetitive movements, are more vulnerable to injuries that affect the musculoskeletal system.John Barban Review

To be able to prevent some of these injuries should practice weekly exercise. By doing exercises to strengthen the muscles of the upper and lower limbs, will be able to prevent injuries such as tendonitis and contractures.

These exercises can be done in a gym, in the workplace or at home. The important thing is to practice.
The Repetitive Strain Injury and Work Related Occupational Diseases were reported for the first time in 1700 by the Italian physician Bernardino known as the father of medicine at work. He nicknamed her “illness” the disease name of the scribes and notorious.

In 1920, the disease records of weavers and, in 1965, the disease of washerwomen arise. Since 1980, with the popularization of computers and other technological equipment, injuries hit several occupations that require repetitive movements and result in postural immobility.

The most frequent injuries are tendonitis in the upper limbs and, in particular, on the hand, muscle contractures in muscles of back and joint problems in the lower limbs.

Thus, it is important that you have the notion that certain physical exercises two to three times a week can prevent these and other injuries that may incapacitate to practice their profession in the best way. Remember that it is much easier to avoid the injuries that heal them


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