Looking good after losing weight

Execution : lying on your stomach, bend your legs, grab your ankles and lift up as high as possible, keeping only the area from the navel to the floor.
John Barban
The position causes an increase in intra-abdominal pressure allowing for toning the whole area of the abdomen.
It produces an intense internal massage which improves digestion, increases peristalsis, and thus improves the elimination of toxins. It also helps eliminate fat and cellulite in the abdominal area.

Hal asana-(variant) Antigravity
Execution: lying on your back, raise your legs, with the support of hands also elevate the back and bringing back legs keep them parallel to the floor.

Is doing an inverted Asana
The works by compressing the thyroid gland, thus helping in regulating the ideal weight
Improves digestive function and normalizes metabolism, complementing their action with an effective massage to fat tissue from the abdominal area.

Thanks to gravity upside down increases blood supply to the face, scalp, prevents wrinkles and strengthening the hair.

– Mats asana (Retroflection Cervical – rewarding of anti gravitons – on the shoulders)
Lying on your back, retroflection cervical and place your forehead on the floor.

The legs remain stretched and buttocks on the ground. This position is intended to compensate the neck, should be made after the last Asana (inverted), but also provides a toning of the abdominal organs.


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