Working out process-VENUS FACTOR REVIEW

Standing Manteca feet parallel and hip-width apart, raise your arms to the vertical keeping them parallel, and do a good stretch. Slowly and maintaining alignment of the trunk, start to flex laterally to the left. Subsequently repeat for the right side.
This position is particularly important to provide the practitioner a toning waist and the abdominal area in general.John Barban Review

It will strengthen the intercostals muscles, the abdominal obliques and the whole side of your torso.
When there is lateral bending a stretch on one side and a compression of the other, which then toggles, providing the activation of blood circulation.

Moderate Twist
Sitting with your legs straight, bend your left leg and place the sole of your left foot on the outside of the right knee, place your left hand behind, along the spine, so even the middle of the back;

The left arm must touch and fully support the back, right arm pushes the outside of the left thigh, slowly start to rotate to the left side, the rotation should start in after dorsal lumbar and cervical end, the gluts should be flat on the ground, to keep the vertical column.

Repeat for the opposite side.
This Asana is a twist whose characteristics allows modeling and slim the waist region.
It tones sometimes left zone, sometimes the right depending on the side of the twist, accentuating peristalsis and promoting the removal of fat and cellulite accumulated in the abdominal area.


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