Diet to keep the hair density and treat obesity buttocks

Posted reader says I am a girl longitudinal 160 cm, and I weigh now 80 kilograms began about a year ago following a diet and lost about 18 kilograms of my weight, and now I have two problems the first is the loss Sirius significantly and the second is the continuation of obesity area, buttocks and thighs bigger than the rest of the body and not to lose weight in that area by the same amount Is there a diet I can lose the rest of the excess weight with the treatment of hair loss and obesity topical?
John Barban Scam
Answer this question, Specialist obesity and thinness member for the Study of Obesity, a member of the American Society of obesity, saying:

For the beginning of the problem of hair loss we recommend the girl next following the diet, which contains a high content of vitamins and minerals due to its dependence on a variety of vegetables and fruit, which works to nourish hair and prevent falling and consists of:

Bread + green salad dish +5 tablespoons bean tablet + cup tea with milk.
Kiwi watermelon or pineapple or any quantity
Green Apples any quantity.
Sugar is forbidden and only allowed sugar diet.
With attention to eating at least one and a half liters of water a day.
As for the problem of the second, a fatter lower part shall be deemed such a system of systems suitable for the treatment of obesity in the region, especially in the case of regular exercise also advise her to wait until they reach the weight of the ideal in the case of the continuation of obesity concentrated in that area are disturbed here can be dealt with private meetings for the treatment of Obesity topical.


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