Get rid of the false beliefs about weight loss

Diet or certain some exercise, it is imperative that you hear a lot of tips on follow certain rules or leave some habits, without being based on any such information to the basis of health, here are some myths about weight loss:
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Leave a meal leads to weight loss: The neglect of one of the meals during the day may actually lead to a loss of some weight in the first week, but with the end of the week, the body becomes accustomed to this system, worked to reduce the burning process, and stop the loss of weight and are restored weight who lost quickly.

Meals the night cause weight gain: It is true that eating in the morning can burn more quickly, but overweight, not linked to the times in which they are eating, but the number of calories that enter the body and daily activity by the body to burn.

Natural herbs slimming safe on the body: These herbs are not safe and may contain harmful substances, because they are not scientifically tested, and should be aware of them and not dealt with even if the cause weight loss, as it may cause diseases of cancer, heart beats rapidly, diarrhea and loss of vitamins and water of the body, and so on.

Plant systems lead to weight loss: Most studies indicate that vegetarians generally eat fewer calories than people who follow regular diets. But they, and may be exposed to an increase in weight if they ate pans and sweets in large quantities, with a note that follow a vegetarian diet must be accompanied by a deliberate and some dietary supplements.


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