What kinds of bones to the human body?

Longitudinal bone: there are parties in the upper and lower “thigh, leg and upper arm and forearm.”
Short bones: no bone in his foot and wrist.

Bones flatfish: found in the bones of the board and the mechanism and the skull.
Irregular bones: There are places in branching of the body.

He pointed out that the bone that is characterized by longitudinal edges cartilaginous surface finish, and when he meets to two longitudinal bones arises what is known which allows movement, as is the case in the knee joint, which is located between the blades thigh and leg.

This is in addition to that is the backbone of the main bones of the skeleton, where he works to maintain the integrity of the human body and aroused, plus it protects the spinal cord and the brain related to the one with a group of nerve center which controls the movement of all the body’s muscles, and completed the “famous” In addition to these there are the bones of two other type:

The bones of upper limb consist of the greatness of the board and the humeral, and blades forearm, wrist and hand and phalanges of fingers.

It consists of the shoulder joint between the baseboard and the greatness of the humeral higher, the elbow joint is made up between the bottom and the top of the humeral forearm blades, while the wrist joint is made up of the bottom of the forearm and wrist blades, and ends with upper limb joints of the fingers.
Lower limb bones consist of the greatness of the pelvis and femur and blades leg, foot bones and phalanges of the toes.

It consist, hip between the trachea and the greatness of the knee joint between the bottom of the thigh bone and the top of the greatness of the foot, and the party ends lower joints toes.
Pelvic bones consist of the back of the blades buttocks “ileum, which consists of the deficit in both auricular sacral iliac, while made up of the front of the blades, which are separated by the pubic cartilage.


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