You know the most important health changes during the postpartum period

Postpartum period is the period after the birth directly, and women need to be subject to the health care protect themselves from diseases psychological or organic, and many of the ladies wondering about the changes correct which may occur, and what is the time for the return of intimacy with your spouse again?
Adviser and gynecology and a lack of fertility, saying that immediately after birth, women suffer what is known as maternal, an exit blood-like menstrual period or menstrual cycle and different duration of one woman to another, but it does not last more than forty days.

During these days back genitals and uterus to normal again, in addition to the breast starts in configuration to produce milk to feed a newborn baby.

During pregnancy expands the uterus to more than 4-fold, and after childbirth and during the postpartum period occurs what is known as a contraction of the uterus, where it starts to return to normal again in just 10 days, in addition to that process out newborn from the vaginal opening causing dilation vagina for more than 10-fold in order to allow the passage of newborn, and during the postpartum period due to the nature of the vagina again.

The second change for women during the postpartum period is the start of the secretion of breast milk, and often secreted milk within two days of birth, and is considered the perfect food for the fetus, adding that the breast becomes larger, has infected women pain during breastfeeding during the first time, due to congestion veins the breast as a result of its large size.

The common questions about the appropriate time for the return of the intimate relationship between husband and wife after the birth, permitted the return of the relationship following the cessation of the descent of menstrual blood, pointing out that as a doctor is advised to wait for 6 weeks until the device returns reproductive and uterus to normal again.


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