Guidance necessary to follow the correct diet and weight control

Called the name of the “Yoyo Diet”, a type of diet which is initiated by the owners with the first week, and then they blow up the diet in the second or third day, at most, where the excuses and reasons that puts people to stop dieting many, but this system is often coupled with seize the weekend to eat the delicious cuisine and desserts under the pretext that the beginning to diet again.
Venus Factor Scam

The nature of this diet, saying: “spread the diet known as” Yoyo Diet “among women than men, and entering into a spiral of diet and weight loss, and the inability to comply with, but often the reason psychologically and not a diet. ”

The diet gradual is the ideal solution for people who are unable to adhere to the diet, it can of attendance, provided, however, be their follow-up by the nutritionist who is able to give them what they need from food, and the budget in what the body needs nutrients necessary and essential.

As for the selection of the first week of the start of the diet, administrative matters that help to adhere to, but not essential so that one of the attendance at the program its own

It noted that the live normal daily life without reducing calories to a large extent, is the one who can be one of the weight loss is required, because, cannot lose calories to a thousand calories in the day, the person who used to eat ‬ 3000 calories during the day.

It considered that the identification of the daily routine one by nutritionist is necessary in order to maintain one’s usual routines with a few minor changes, because the radical change alienates one of his routine new.


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