Tips for certain medications that increase your weight!!

Doing handling multiple forms of drugs may contribute to weight gain without being mindful of the ladies to it, so we will give you Madam some medications that must be noted when ingested;, which can increase your appetite, and are these drugs are:
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Cortisone: overweight and works on the body bulge annoyingly, he is working on water retention and salt under the skin.

Contraceptive drugs: Some have lead to a significant increase because they contain the hormone estrogen “These hormones are working to open the appetite.

Allergy medications and depression: some of these medications work to alert the brain to the sense of hunger, and some of the other works on the accumulation of fat and not break it.

Medicines that help weight loss: working on adverse reactions after less than a week of use, which increases the weight dramatically.

Medicines mental and neurological diseases: impact on the balance of hormones within the body and can increase the appetite but at the same time reduce the level of activity at the individual.


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