Water diet to get the body limber as soon as possible

Objected to a number of nutrition experts on the argument that claims that excessive drinking leads boiling water bulging stomach, pointing out that the water helps to rid the body of waste, is also working to raise the level of metabolism, which contributes to burn large amounts of fat.
Venus Factor Review
Experts recommend when you follow the diet water, eat 4 cups of water, and make it more gradually until it reaches 10, then continue to eat that amount over the commitment, should also be drinking,

Article cool, they help to increase the burning of fat, as opposed to the popular belief the need to eat warm water .

It should also drink water before eating half an hour helps reduce appetite, and eating the specified quantity of water a day, and do not try to eat half the amount, and compensate the next day, would result in a disruption of the body’s fluid balance.

Avoid fatty foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables, and in the end, should not stop taking the specified amount of water when you arrive for unwanted weight; body needs the same amount per day to maintain thicken.


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