Avoid Allergies-Venus Factor Review

Can avoid pollen during the season, and how to reduce our exposure to pollen? Answer good that avoidance full pollen is very difficult during the season; fact that pollen is everywhere, but significantly reduce exposure to pollen during the season his role in the prevention and mitigation of bouts allergies, and gave the following tips:
Venus Factor Scam
Survival of patients inside the house on hot days in which strong winds and in times where the number of pollen in the air.

Close the windows of cars traveling through the installation of filter (candidate) pollen in the car to prevent the entry of pollen to the inside.

Wearing goggles during these days to prevent the arrival of pollen to the eyes, especially for farmers, especially those who are dealing with the palm.

Close the windows bedrooms to prevent access to pollen.
Avoid going out in grassy places, or at least to wear a muzzle flip industrial own lawn or put a wet handkerchief to farmers who are working in this particular area cutting through the grass and refined.

It can also reduce the volatility of grass pollen by making short constantly; because it excludes the remote party that carries pollen inside.

Avoid keeping flowers inside the house; because they release pollen in the air inside the house.
Avoid hanging laundry outside the home especially during the hot days in which strong winds; because pollen grains stick to the clothes washed and then volatilized then causing allergies.


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