Healthy Food to preserve your youth

If you want to maintain your youth and vitality even in old age and want to keep your skin soft without the use of cosmetic products which have far-reaching effects, only national adding certain foods to your diet that are not characterized only taste wonderful, but also provide the same results provided by cosmetic peels chemical creams and expensive, and give you 4 foods will help you maintain your youth and make you feel great as to make full taste of happiness!

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At the forefront of this food comes “raspberry” so that is useful in supporting the circulatory system and helps memory and functions of the heart as well as help maintain health and vitality, and the veins and skin and hair, which contains high levels of acid – one of the antioxidants that support detoxification of the liver – as well as it contains good amounts of fiber.

It contains a large proportion of the weight of raspberries on the fiber, which helps get rid of toxins in the body. And not less fiber as important as the content of antioxidant that works to preserve your youth, and can eat raspberries directly from the freezer or whisked him in a blender to work juices, like most berries in general, are not grown using the means of modern agriculture unlike other fruits, so they contain naturally low in sugar.

So you keep your skin moist must get water from the plant foods in order to gain the maximum amount of nutrients, and this makes it an option that contains a high percentage of water a food moisturizing which prevents dryness and wrinkling of the skin, as well as help in getting rid of toxins that can lead to the emergence of signs of progress in life you have, but that option is rich in potassium, magnesium and fiber, so it works naturally to reduce high blood pressure by balancing the fluids in the body. It also helps vitamin (C) and acid in the coffee option to rid the body of excess fluid, where they both help prevent water retention.


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