How does the ozone in the treatment of allergies

Here Ozone works on several axes. It works to reduce the excretion of excess and abnormal antibodies; it also has anti-inflammatory effect and organic substances secreted by the body that cause inflammation.

In addition, it increases the antioxidant enzymes, which constitute the protection of the body from allergies, as it works to restore balance to the body’s immune and prevent the increase is natural and which make the body attacks itself, by increasing some (particularly interleukin 10) goes back immune status and objects Anti to normal without an increase or decrease.
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Hence it is clear that the ozone treatment is a radical of the problem and not just the abode of the pathological symptoms, as occurs for prescription drugs, as it works without side effects compared to remember the many side effects of prescription drugs.

Has proven the effectiveness of ozone in the treatment of allergies scientifically through a variety of research and studies, and should be noted that in these studies were discussed, have proven the effectiveness of the wonderful ozone Medical Center in the treatment of asthma in children.

And be in the form of ozone therapy sessions either by:
By pulling the amount of blood (80-120 cc) and in addition to ozone gas and then returned back to the body. It is a small amount and do not feel anything and the patient is absorbed from the intestine in a few minutes. This is the only way used in children while reducing the quantity to become between 40 to 120 cubic centimeters).

Intramuscular injection and withdrawing a small amount of blood (3-4 cm) in addition to ozone gas and then injected into a muscle.

The patient is given treatment sessions ozone at a rate of 2-3 sessions per week in order to complete about 24 meetings, the goal here of treatment is to cure, not just relieve symptoms temporarily, research has proven that he talked a great response in these conditions by 90% in cases of asthma in children and 70% in cases of asthma in adults and also cases of chronic inflammation in the sinuses, coupled with sensitivity.


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