How does the ozone in the treatment of allergies

Ozone therapy is a new and effective means of treatment within complementary medicine, goes along with modern medicine, adds to add an effective and replaced if the failure of modern medicine or chemical make curative effect.

The varied uses of ozone in medicine in many health problems and many medical specialties; One of the main uses of ozone is the treatment of allergies, such as various types of chronic asthma in both adults and children, or inflammation of the sinuses, coupled with sensitivity and eczema and skin allergies.Venus Factor Scam

To find out how to work the ozone in the treatment you should know the scientific basis underlying the sensitivity.

If the body is exposed (allergic) to odors of certain or dust or dishes specific or otherwise, it is considered like a foreign body must attack (such as microbes) and this behavior is natural and plus only happen in cases of allergies and is considered a type of dysfunction, and the result is that the body secrete antibodies to this dust or odor or otherwise,

which leads to severe reaction with the tissues of the body, and it appears in the form of redness, itching and swelling in the case of sensitive skin or inflammation, swelling and shortness of bronchitis accompanied by severe shortness of breath in the case of asthma, or in the form of sinusitis with increased secretions in the case of sinusitis accompanied by allergies. Etc…

It is known that allergic diseases are chronic diseases and difficult to treat, and treatment modern medicine lies in treating the symptoms without being subjected to the treatment of the problem in many cases become modern medicine is a minor in the treatment of allergies and does not provide satisfactory solutions and the patient becomes only supported on drugs address the symptoms are temporary, It has many effects over many years.


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