Learn the most important signs that cause allergy medications

Who among us did not get sick days, and I need to take medication for the treatment of patients, some patients suffer from the problem of sensitivity to some of the active substances in drugs. There are two types of signs or symptoms that may be caused by the disease, the first is due to the sensitivity of the disease, and the
John Barban

incidence of the second are the side effects of some medications, such as nausea and vomiting, noting that the first must completely stop taking the drug, either through the side effects should probability slightly or taking other drugs to treat those symptoms.

The sensitivity of medicines as a result of the patient’s immune system attacks the active ingredient in the drug, believing it a foreign body, and show allergy symptoms on the body in several pictures, including increased redness of the skin, and the desire for itchy skin, may take sensitivity pain body, such as pain severe abdominal pain, low blood pressure, nausea, fainting, and in other cases up to loss of consciousness.

It may affect those allergies through the respiratory system, such as shortness of breath during sleep may issue a patient snore, and pain chest, adding that allergy symptoms may appear immediately, within hours of taking the medication, but sometimes appear later during the day, indicating that the treatment depends on the severity of allergies.

If the symptoms resulting from a simple allergy medication can be controlled by taking medication allergy treatment, but severe cases may be required to use oxygen, or give the patient the solutions to fix the problems resulting from these allergies.


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