One of the types of allergies produces severe tension and nervousness

The disease is what we refer to, which is one of the types of skin allergies and appears on the red spot high above the surface of the skin, and varies in size from small spot, to a large area.

Added the beholder, that besides accompanied by severe itching, and transmitted infection from one place to another in the body, and sometimes lead to swelling of the lips, eyelids, may lead to suffocation and disease, may result in stress or tensile nervous system, sometimes causing some dishes such as pickles, fish, eggs,
chocolate, peanuts, and some types of fruit such as bananas, strawberries and mango.Venus Factor Scam

And confirmed the beholder, that the reasons for the emergence of symptoms of the disease as well, wear clothes made of yarn industrial, noting that for the prevention of the disease must cry from all those causes, and treatment will be using antidepressants “histamine,” we may need to use “cortisone” in severe cases.


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