Fish and Poultry Low-fat dairy products

Stronger hands and feetWarrior takes on first in the upper half of the body, less on the sides and on the assCellulite is a stranger, because it has a very solid muscleit has a shorter, thicker neck
What do they eat?
John Barban Scam
Fruit, especially melons and berriesall kinds of vegetablesWhole grain foodsFish and PoultryLow-fat dairy productsGarlic (especially raw)
What should reduce?
Olives , avocados, almonds , peanuts, cashewsSpices and SaltHoney and SyrupCaffeine (more than two cups of coffee a day)Fruit and vegetable juices

What have completely omitted?
Cream, butter, fatty cheeses, sauces, chocolateOrgan meats and red meatAlcoholBaked goods and foods made with white flour
These women have a girl’s body with narrow hips . If they happen to overweight , have it distributed everywhere – sometimes may look like a well-fattened pig. In his youth, however, are rather fragile, they call them sissy .
Sissy is often introvert with artistic or scientific leanings. Most forgets himself, but also the needs of other people. The health benefits of Asian cuisine.

When TWIGGY need to lose weight , whether it is always a good breakfast , perfect for them omelets.
What is the typical TWIGGY
Body rather slender , fragile bones The chest and hips has the same width, waist long and undistinguished


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