Fruits and whole grain foods

This type of first puts on the abdomen and thighs , her shoulders and calves remain mostly leanIt has bony hands and feetIt has long , thin neckCellulite is just weak, but you can hardly strengthen muscles
What’s to eat?

All leafy vegetables and vegetable that grows above ground, such as cauliflower and broccoliWhite meat, game, fish, eggsLow-fat dairy productsOlives , olive oil , avocados, almonds, cashews, peanutsSpices and Herbs
What’s the limit?

Fruits and whole grain foodsRed meatRoot vegetables and beans
What is left out completely?

White breadSugar, juice, chocolate, alcoholGuts, caffeine
The sun-protected designation of origin-Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) – you can get a product whose production is closely tied to a particular location and its tradition. The entire production process is linked to one place.
John Barban Scam
Guaranteed traditional specialty-Traditional specialty guaranteed (TSG) – is intended for all products that are not available in certain areas, but are processed in the traditional way.
Which products can obtain this designation?

The approval process for applicants is by no means simple. Before the protected names entered in the register is reviewed justification of the application for registration of a Member State, the Commission and subsequently during the application and approval of all operators from the EU. For products, it is judged whether they are indeed products with the traditional method of production, etc.


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