How to cook low fat Steaks and fish

The meat is then juicier and tendered.
It is also important marinade from meat before grilling lightly wipe off the oil dripping into the grill and started to burn, to produce cancer-causing substances, “recommended Rader David.
John Barban Review
Steaks and fish
Czechs mostly grilled steaks and fish, with a selection but you cannot cope. It is ideal to use meat.
If you have people pull meat from the freezer, it must first allow thawing ideally overnight in the refrigerator or at room temperature, never in a microwave oven!

The perfect defrosting meat needs at least 12 hours. It is best to lay the meat on the grid, so that it could drip water.
“Classic beef steak should be two to three centimeters tall, the other mass sufficient 1.5 to two centimeters.
The grill fits streaky bits of meat that then when grilling are dry, but rather beautifully succulent.

It is important to remove the meat from the refrigerator two to three hours before grilling to the grid received thermal shock. Fish should on the contrary leave in the fridge until the last moment, “said Rader David.

Properly melted grill
Another problem is impatience. That’s because people often put meat on insufficiently hot grill. The temperature at the center of the grill grid should range between 250 ° and 300 ° C. “Coal in a grill should be Getting hot for about 40 minutes to form a layer thereon colored to white.


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