Making healthy grilling-John Barban Review

How to correct grilling
Grilling season starts, a third of American used during barbecues. When roasting meat, however, usually make a number of errors. Just for dressings and marinades Czechs spend around 100 million crowns annually.
Chefs over shaking his head
John Barban Scam
Ready marinades
Buying a ready-made marinades chefs do not understand by them are of poor quality and flavor of the meat rather posada.

Prepare the marinade while at home is not difficult. It is best to use only olive oil, fresh herbs and pepper.
Oil marinade would not be much to the subsequent dripping in barbecue grill and burn.

“The more simple marinade, the more flavors the meat stands. Salt the meat would be after baking meat from the grill.
The salt pulls water from the meat, and then it releases too much juice and dry.
This is a problem of seasoning blends because most of them already contain salt, “said Rader David, chef restaurant La Veranda.

Loading meat
People make mistakes, not only with marinades, meat and poorly handled. “Most people paint the marinade on the meat just before you put on the grill. This is wrong, because then the taste of herbs and spices not get to the meat. Ideal meat is loaded 24 hours in advance, but at least three hours prior to grilling.


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