A Diet plan that includes women

Tastes men under the magnifying glass
Diets include women
Those diets are only for women, think you gentlemen always.
Their combustion does work in another way, but often have a distorted view of the fact that if he goes to the gym once a week, then may the rest of the week eating everything in their tastes. This is a major mistake.

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Salt over Gold
The distinctive flavor must be an essential element of every meal that men get their hands on.
Therefore, the salt shaker on the table should not be missed. Sure intimately familiar ritual of some men, who without food tasted, for sure it straight salted.

Salt but promotes appetite and is therefore obvious that we eat more than the body actually needs. Salt also increases blood pressure and can cause significant health problems.

Pull back to himself and therefore his men to salt a day each of you will suffice than 4 grams!
Tastes men under the magnifying glass

Bold and fried (not) goodies
A most bold and fried delicious dinner – what else, right? Hooray therefore accommodate obesity!
Gentlemen should certainly limit and sausages, that often lead to a higher incidence of diabetes, also have cancer.

Add them more vegetables as a side dish and pull back on fatty meats, lean is also good and most importantly healthier!


How does the ozone in the treatment of allergies

Here Ozone works on several axes. It works to reduce the excretion of excess and abnormal antibodies; it also has anti-inflammatory effect and organic substances secreted by the body that cause inflammation.

In addition, it increases the antioxidant enzymes, which constitute the protection of the body from allergies, as it works to restore balance to the body’s immune and prevent the increase is natural and which make the body attacks itself, by increasing some (particularly interleukin 10) goes back immune status and objects Anti to normal without an increase or decrease.
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Hence it is clear that the ozone treatment is a radical of the problem and not just the abode of the pathological symptoms, as occurs for prescription drugs, as it works without side effects compared to remember the many side effects of prescription drugs.

Has proven the effectiveness of ozone in the treatment of allergies scientifically through a variety of research and studies, and should be noted that in these studies were discussed, have proven the effectiveness of the wonderful ozone Medical Center in the treatment of asthma in children.

And be in the form of ozone therapy sessions either by:
By pulling the amount of blood (80-120 cc) and in addition to ozone gas and then returned back to the body. It is a small amount and do not feel anything and the patient is absorbed from the intestine in a few minutes. This is the only way used in children while reducing the quantity to become between 40 to 120 cubic centimeters).

Intramuscular injection and withdrawing a small amount of blood (3-4 cm) in addition to ozone gas and then injected into a muscle.

The patient is given treatment sessions ozone at a rate of 2-3 sessions per week in order to complete about 24 meetings, the goal here of treatment is to cure, not just relieve symptoms temporarily, research has proven that he talked a great response in these conditions by 90% in cases of asthma in children and 70% in cases of asthma in adults and also cases of chronic inflammation in the sinuses, coupled with sensitivity.

How does the ozone in the treatment of allergies

Ozone therapy is a new and effective means of treatment within complementary medicine, goes along with modern medicine, adds to add an effective and replaced if the failure of modern medicine or chemical make curative effect.

The varied uses of ozone in medicine in many health problems and many medical specialties; One of the main uses of ozone is the treatment of allergies, such as various types of chronic asthma in both adults and children, or inflammation of the sinuses, coupled with sensitivity and eczema and skin allergies.Venus Factor Scam

To find out how to work the ozone in the treatment you should know the scientific basis underlying the sensitivity.

If the body is exposed (allergic) to odors of certain or dust or dishes specific or otherwise, it is considered like a foreign body must attack (such as microbes) and this behavior is natural and plus only happen in cases of allergies and is considered a type of dysfunction, and the result is that the body secrete antibodies to this dust or odor or otherwise,

which leads to severe reaction with the tissues of the body, and it appears in the form of redness, itching and swelling in the case of sensitive skin or inflammation, swelling and shortness of bronchitis accompanied by severe shortness of breath in the case of asthma, or in the form of sinusitis with increased secretions in the case of sinusitis accompanied by allergies. Etc…

It is known that allergic diseases are chronic diseases and difficult to treat, and treatment modern medicine lies in treating the symptoms without being subjected to the treatment of the problem in many cases become modern medicine is a minor in the treatment of allergies and does not provide satisfactory solutions and the patient becomes only supported on drugs address the symptoms are temporary, It has many effects over many years.

One of the types of allergies produces severe tension and nervousness

The disease is what we refer to, which is one of the types of skin allergies and appears on the red spot high above the surface of the skin, and varies in size from small spot, to a large area.

Added the beholder, that besides accompanied by severe itching, and transmitted infection from one place to another in the body, and sometimes lead to swelling of the lips, eyelids, may lead to suffocation and disease, may result in stress or tensile nervous system, sometimes causing some dishes such as pickles, fish, eggs,
chocolate, peanuts, and some types of fruit such as bananas, strawberries and mango.Venus Factor Scam

And confirmed the beholder, that the reasons for the emergence of symptoms of the disease as well, wear clothes made of yarn industrial, noting that for the prevention of the disease must cry from all those causes, and treatment will be using antidepressants “histamine,” we may need to use “cortisone” in severe cases.

Avoid Allergies-Venus Factor Review

Can avoid pollen during the season, and how to reduce our exposure to pollen? Answer good that avoidance full pollen is very difficult during the season; fact that pollen is everywhere, but significantly reduce exposure to pollen during the season his role in the prevention and mitigation of bouts allergies, and gave the following tips:
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Survival of patients inside the house on hot days in which strong winds and in times where the number of pollen in the air.

Close the windows of cars traveling through the installation of filter (candidate) pollen in the car to prevent the entry of pollen to the inside.

Wearing goggles during these days to prevent the arrival of pollen to the eyes, especially for farmers, especially those who are dealing with the palm.

Close the windows bedrooms to prevent access to pollen.
Avoid going out in grassy places, or at least to wear a muzzle flip industrial own lawn or put a wet handkerchief to farmers who are working in this particular area cutting through the grass and refined.

It can also reduce the volatility of grass pollen by making short constantly; because it excludes the remote party that carries pollen inside.

Avoid keeping flowers inside the house; because they release pollen in the air inside the house.
Avoid hanging laundry outside the home especially during the hot days in which strong winds; because pollen grains stick to the clothes washed and then volatilized then causing allergies.

What are the benefits and risks of the islands?

Islands of favorite fruits to all people, and slept different age groups, and we find the young favorite of his, which contains many of the health benefits, although it may contain a health risk, Come recognize the truth of the matter.John Barban

Beginning mention the benefits of carrot juice: Contains a high percentage of vitamin A, C, B1, B2, E, as it is very rich in potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and iron, and of course this kind of juices size fits all, but it turns into an effective treatment to suffer from visual problems, and immune deficiencies, it also

addresses the various skin problems, because of its richness in vitamin A, and is ideal for the growth of bone in the body, and dental health, and to clean the liver. And reduces the risk of cancer, and this is a cup of carrot juice the need for a pregnant woman during her pregnancy.

The risks of islands: Despite the benefits, prevents the intake of carrot juice heavily infected diabetic, because the islands contain a high percentage of sugar, as it is not suitable for those who suffer from acid in the stomach, it is best avoided completely when the incidence of diarrhea.

Learn the most important signs that cause allergy medications

Who among us did not get sick days, and I need to take medication for the treatment of patients, some patients suffer from the problem of sensitivity to some of the active substances in drugs. There are two types of signs or symptoms that may be caused by the disease, the first is due to the sensitivity of the disease, and the
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incidence of the second are the side effects of some medications, such as nausea and vomiting, noting that the first must completely stop taking the drug, either through the side effects should probability slightly or taking other drugs to treat those symptoms.

The sensitivity of medicines as a result of the patient’s immune system attacks the active ingredient in the drug, believing it a foreign body, and show allergy symptoms on the body in several pictures, including increased redness of the skin, and the desire for itchy skin, may take sensitivity pain body, such as pain severe abdominal pain, low blood pressure, nausea, fainting, and in other cases up to loss of consciousness.

It may affect those allergies through the respiratory system, such as shortness of breath during sleep may issue a patient snore, and pain chest, adding that allergy symptoms may appear immediately, within hours of taking the medication, but sometimes appear later during the day, indicating that the treatment depends on the severity of allergies.

If the symptoms resulting from a simple allergy medication can be controlled by taking medication allergy treatment, but severe cases may be required to use oxygen, or give the patient the solutions to fix the problems resulting from these allergies.