Fish and Poultry Low-fat dairy products

Stronger hands and feetWarrior takes on first in the upper half of the body, less on the sides and on the assCellulite is a stranger, because it has a very solid muscleit has a shorter, thicker neck
What do they eat?
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Fruit, especially melons and berriesall kinds of vegetablesWhole grain foodsFish and PoultryLow-fat dairy productsGarlic (especially raw)
What should reduce?
Olives , avocados, almonds , peanuts, cashewsSpices and SaltHoney and SyrupCaffeine (more than two cups of coffee a day)Fruit and vegetable juices

What have completely omitted?
Cream, butter, fatty cheeses, sauces, chocolateOrgan meats and red meatAlcoholBaked goods and foods made with white flour
These women have a girl’s body with narrow hips . If they happen to overweight , have it distributed everywhere – sometimes may look like a well-fattened pig. In his youth, however, are rather fragile, they call them sissy .
Sissy is often introvert with artistic or scientific leanings. Most forgets himself, but also the needs of other people. The health benefits of Asian cuisine.

When TWIGGY need to lose weight , whether it is always a good breakfast , perfect for them omelets.
What is the typical TWIGGY
Body rather slender , fragile bones The chest and hips has the same width, waist long and undistinguished


How does the ozone in the treatment of allergies

Here Ozone works on several axes. It works to reduce the excretion of excess and abnormal antibodies; it also has anti-inflammatory effect and organic substances secreted by the body that cause inflammation.

In addition, it increases the antioxidant enzymes, which constitute the protection of the body from allergies, as it works to restore balance to the body’s immune and prevent the increase is natural and which make the body attacks itself, by increasing some (particularly interleukin 10) goes back immune status and objects Anti to normal without an increase or decrease.
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Hence it is clear that the ozone treatment is a radical of the problem and not just the abode of the pathological symptoms, as occurs for prescription drugs, as it works without side effects compared to remember the many side effects of prescription drugs.

Has proven the effectiveness of ozone in the treatment of allergies scientifically through a variety of research and studies, and should be noted that in these studies were discussed, have proven the effectiveness of the wonderful ozone Medical Center in the treatment of asthma in children.

And be in the form of ozone therapy sessions either by:
By pulling the amount of blood (80-120 cc) and in addition to ozone gas and then returned back to the body. It is a small amount and do not feel anything and the patient is absorbed from the intestine in a few minutes. This is the only way used in children while reducing the quantity to become between 40 to 120 cubic centimeters).

Intramuscular injection and withdrawing a small amount of blood (3-4 cm) in addition to ozone gas and then injected into a muscle.

The patient is given treatment sessions ozone at a rate of 2-3 sessions per week in order to complete about 24 meetings, the goal here of treatment is to cure, not just relieve symptoms temporarily, research has proven that he talked a great response in these conditions by 90% in cases of asthma in children and 70% in cases of asthma in adults and also cases of chronic inflammation in the sinuses, coupled with sensitivity.

What are the benefits and risks of the islands?

Islands of favorite fruits to all people, and slept different age groups, and we find the young favorite of his, which contains many of the health benefits, although it may contain a health risk, Come recognize the truth of the matter.John Barban

Beginning mention the benefits of carrot juice: Contains a high percentage of vitamin A, C, B1, B2, E, as it is very rich in potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and iron, and of course this kind of juices size fits all, but it turns into an effective treatment to suffer from visual problems, and immune deficiencies, it also

addresses the various skin problems, because of its richness in vitamin A, and is ideal for the growth of bone in the body, and dental health, and to clean the liver. And reduces the risk of cancer, and this is a cup of carrot juice the need for a pregnant woman during her pregnancy.

The risks of islands: Despite the benefits, prevents the intake of carrot juice heavily infected diabetic, because the islands contain a high percentage of sugar, as it is not suitable for those who suffer from acid in the stomach, it is best avoided completely when the incidence of diarrhea.

Food allergy symptoms-Venus Factor Review

Framingham study, which began in the hospital 543 children at the age of two years during the display on an outpatient basis, was the work of sensitivity test by the skin of three different types of allergens from food (food allergens), an egg white, peanuts, dairy, and also seven of allergens environmental, parents were asked whether what they were suffering from allergies or not, and also was asked about the race to which they belong and show the following:John Barban Review

20.1% of children with dark skin are allergic to a particular type of food versus 6.4% of white children.
The percentage of environmental triggers allergies in children hills around 13.9% compared to 11% of white children.

Children who have no parents a chance to be infected with sensitivity in the incidence of allergies 2.45% more than their peers from other children hills.

It is known that a protein found in many foods that can cause allergic reactions. But there are some foods that are related to allergies, the most famous of these foods milk, eggs, fish, peanuts, soybeans and wheat, which results from the interaction of the body with food several symptoms affecting many organs of the body such as the skin (more member is showing symptoms of allergies) which occurs by a rash pink in the face, abdomen and sometimes the parties, and mostly it is accompanied by itching and swelling and redness occurs rouge and sometimes the digestive tract, such as abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea and some respiratory symptoms such as sneezing or coughing.

In some cases, rare can cause allergic symptoms in high-risk (Anaphylaxis), but mostly to get rid of children from allergies as they get older, for example, get rid of 85% of children allergic to milk and eggs at the age of 5 years, though there are some children suffering from symptoms until they reach puberty.

Weight less time and effort-Venus Factor Scam

Shows us here dietician perfect recipe to help you lose weight for women who suffer from a significant increase in weight, and could not get on the irreducible in any way, exposing them to many health problems such as diabetes and increased blood pressure and other problems. John Barban

The components of the diet, it is a great quarter teaspoon of cinnamon, two slices of lemon rind, a cup of boiling water, a teaspoon of ground ginger, and a teaspoon of ground cumin.

As required by the preparation of the diet:
Boil the water and then my guests all the ingredients to boiling water and leave the mixture for 10 minutes.
A national drinking the mixture one-third of an hour before eating
Do not repeat the recipe more than once per day.

For pregnant women, consult your doctor before taking herbal drink because adversely affect pregnant women sometimes.
You can add a little honey for dessert if you want.

Pour off the fat from the early morning

In order to rid yourself of excess fat madam and evaluating burning since the early hours of the morning, simply do the following simple steps that will contribute significantly to what access it:
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Eat breakfast early: skipping breakfast or taken late in the day of the worst things that could you have done if you would like to lose weight, when you eat the food, send the brain a message to the rest of the body with its needs for energy, which leads to fat storage, Keep permission This meal on the job during the day.

Your breakfast protein: should breakfast integrated contain all the necessary nutrients, and make sure you dose the task of protein in this meal to burn fat during the day, skim milk or cheese or eggs of the most important sources of protein for breakfast.

Exercise: show some scientific research that exercise in the morning helps in the burning of a larger amount of calories, especially fat, Marcy 30 minutes of sports daily in the morning, and Focus on Sports durability because it increases muscle mass in the body and increase the rate of fat burning during the day .

Tips for certain medications that increase your weight!!

Doing handling multiple forms of drugs may contribute to weight gain without being mindful of the ladies to it, so we will give you Madam some medications that must be noted when ingested;, which can increase your appetite, and are these drugs are:
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Cortisone: overweight and works on the body bulge annoyingly, he is working on water retention and salt under the skin.

Contraceptive drugs: Some have lead to a significant increase because they contain the hormone estrogen “These hormones are working to open the appetite.

Allergy medications and depression: some of these medications work to alert the brain to the sense of hunger, and some of the other works on the accumulation of fat and not break it.

Medicines that help weight loss: working on adverse reactions after less than a week of use, which increases the weight dramatically.

Medicines mental and neurological diseases: impact on the balance of hormones within the body and can increase the appetite but at the same time reduce the level of activity at the individual.